We as Lavderma, follow the latest technological developments in the world of aesthetic dermatology and plastic surgery. Tracking the latest biotechnologies to provide the most reliable, newest products and services to its users by carrying out P&D and R&D activities in line with the opinions of specialist doctors and experienced team.

In the branches of plastic surgery, dermatology and medical aesthetics, we supply solutions of PRP, stem cell systems obtained from different sources consultancy and training, and execution of the process.

We supply original products and systems of PRP and stem cell systems, obtained from different sources, in many branches such as plastic surgery, dermatology, medical aesthetics coupled with the consultancy and training services for the execution of the process.

Our operations span the UK, Turkey and other European nations in the fields of the International representation, sales and after-sales support of minimally invasive, non-invasive products and aesthetic devices. We provide an end to end service with our professional team members in order to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level. We follow world medical cosmetic trends to share latest technologies with you and evaluate them by taking your ideas, we provide the guarantee of our products and training support.


Here at Lavderma,

we do not compromise on honesty and fairness. Our main goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers with a service above their expectations. We make an maximum effort to provide added value to the society and industry we operate in we live in. Our greatest resource is our team members and we constantly invest in our colleagues. We believe in rapid, practical and open communication at all levels. We believe that each of our team member is a leader in their own process. We strictly comply with laws and legal regulations and do not compromise this. We believe that the innovations we have introduced will be taken as an example in our industry. We know that we can achieve success easily with the synergetic effect of team work and the collaborative application. We emphasis in the importance on being focused on the target and the excitement of working to achieve a successful outcome.

Honesty, respect, perfectionism, sense of responsibility and personal development for our team and customers are our most important values.

Our Vision

Adopting customer satisfaction as the basic principle, to offer products containing the latest technological developments to the UK cosmetics market and to make the Lavderma, a brand known as the sought-after solution partner.

Our Quality Policy

To provide flawless and guaranteed product sales, to ensure unconditional customer happiness, to follow the developing world cosmetic technology, to introduce new products to the UK cosmetics market, to contribute to the quality of life of people, to provide after-sales technical training services and to ensure that our products are used effectively and efficiently by customers.